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Structural Integration is a method of gradually adjusting the body's myofacial system over a series of sessions to restore balanced posture and overall functioning. 

This project takes place over a series of sessions. Each session supports a myofascial territory. We open, balance and integrate the tissues from superficial to deep.

Completing the series can help bring ease, connection, and space to the body so you can operate from your center in all areas of life.  


$150 : 75ish Minutes

3 Series +

The 3-Series is the first 3 sessions of the SI recipe. These sessions are designed to open the superficial fascial container of the body. 


After these sessions we check in with how balancing your whole outer sleeve shifted the problem that brought you in.


From here, we will focus on the remaining imbalance that has your awareness through a few targeted structural bodywork sessions. 


$150 : 75ish Minutes

structural bodywork

Structural bodywork combines myofascial release, active joint movement, breath-work and body-awareness exercises to help the body live in a more balanced space

Structural Integration bodywork SMART bodywork. It has a beginning, middle & end. When you come in with an "issue in your tissue" we will work on aspects of that problem over a few of sessions.

How to use structural bodywork:
- as maintenance work, when your "problem areas" rear up, come in for 1+ structural bodywork sessions

- alignment, breathing or movement feels "off" and you want to tune it up

- open "stuck" myo-fascia



$150 : 75ish Minutes

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