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Therapeutic Massage

My prices are structured as a flat rate with no expectation of gratuity.

Structural Integration



$150 : 75ish Minutes

Structural Integration (SI) is a method of whole-body balancing. Over a series of sessions, targeting specific lines and layers of myofascia, SI aims to create space & freedom & adaptibilty in your body...encouraging structures (bones, nerves, muscle, connective tissue, etc.) to find a more centered place to operate from. When the body can use less effort to exist in gravity, there is more vital energy to use towards other systems. We call this spacial medicine!

 I am trained in the ATSI (Anatomy Trains) style of Structural Integration. This framework uses 12 sessions to achieve the fullest intention of the work. Please review the home-page for more info on setting up a structural bodywork project. 

Sessions should be spaced no further than 3 weeks apart, but ideally 10 days is best (closer to 1-2 weeks depending on scheduling).


SI is a project. When we complete the an SI project, a person does not receive the FULL project again for at least another 6-12 months. The structure (fascia) needs time to re-organize to this new place in gravity that we are asking it to live in. This is a different framework than other styles of bodywork, like massage therapy. 

Structural Integration, just like other forms of bodywork, can be sensation-full. These sensations can be physical or emotional. My intention is to observe the body's patterns, put energy into the body in a systematic way, and hold space for the body as the body shifts.

Please wear, or bring with you, garments that you feel comfortable wearing during the session to allow maximal skin expsure while keeping your intamte areas covered. Most people wear full coverage underwear, athletic shorts and bra (with an open back), bathing suit, shorts/tank top you can roll up when needed.

stuctural bodwork




$125 : 60ish Minutes

Structural bodywork combines myofascial release, active movement, breath-work and embodiment practices to address a presenting discomfort. This is structural integration inspired work without the series format.

I will be using your posture as a guide for the structure of our session. 

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