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Experimenting with the ATSI format...

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

I've decided to experiment with the structural integration format I learned through Anatomy Trains just a hair to fit my mind, style and clientele better. At least I want to try this new way / idea. Who knows if it will stick, but I'm going for it. Cuz thats what I do, LEAP!

The ATSI method is 12 sessions long. The territory goes as so: 1-4 superficial myofascial lines, 5-8 deep myofascial line broken up into territories, 9,10 and 12 are integrative sessions, and 11 is an intricate arm line session. These sessions should be 1-3 weeks apart from one another, 10 days being the sweet spot.

My take on the ATSI method. 9 sessions + 2 integrative sessions if desired / needed. Sessions 1-4 address the superficial myofascial lines, sessions 5-8 address the deep myofasical lines, session 9 is the spinal sessions + touching the clients major feature. Arm line will be sprinkled into various sessions as needed. The gait and breathing style integrative sessions will be scheduled as maintenance / check-in sessions a month apart after the client finished 9 (unless they want to come in sooner). Then the client can come in as needed for preventative / maintenance sessions as needed.

I enjoy this idea of the client committing to 9 sessions closer together, and having a few goal oriented sessions after the body has settled for a longer period of time. I feel more comfortable sending them off that way.

I am learning that I am ok with doing one-off style sessions as clients have pain/discomforts come up in their body. I am curious to explore structural bodywork for up-ticked clients. When a client is having a hard or difficult day, and doesn't feel in their body...I want to explore bodywork styles for these moments. This work is getting to a place where I feel more creative and personal, not so fresh and by the book. I'm so excited about the connections and discoveries to come!

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