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1st blog post. a new way

Hi. I'm starting a blog.

I used to post regularly on my instagram account, but lately I've been finding myself not wanting to be in the social media space. It can be educational, spark creativity, connect humans, grow businesses...It was like that for me originally. For years it was fun and helpful. For the past little bit I lean more to the side of finding it addicting and distracting. I end up spending way too much time there when I have intentions to use it for marketing and connection. I truly don't feel like I have the will-power or maturity to use it wisely! i. get. too. sucked. in.

I've been reallyyyyy into Katy Bowman's books & material on biomechanics. She focuses on natural alignment, barefoot living and overall living with less interventions. Getting back to our roots. Walking a bunch...truly just moving more! Movement shouldn't be seen as exercise alone. As humans are designed to move often. Katy has inspired me to spend less time on my devices. I've decided to follow her lead and choose different mediums to get information out there. So here is my attempt to limit screen time and distractions by using a blog! Yes you use your screen to read this...but hopefully it won't lead you down billions of rabbit holes. I hope it serves the sole purpose of spreading information and staying connected.

I will use this space to spread more information about structural integration, natural alignment, movement as preventative health, fascia, somatics...nerdy bodywork / body-based info.

Thanks for reading. Here's to a new way.

- Kacey

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