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The Bodywork Collective is the umbrella business for Kacey's manual therapy private practice & online bodywork resource center. 


The BC is a platform to develop a deeper understanding of optimal functioning of the body through manual manipulation. Please, use this space to schedule a bodywork session, gain greater body awareness, discover self-bodywork practices, +++



> Give the "power" back to the client. Education and embodiment practices allow people to feel that they are the greatest driver in their ability to heal...not the practitioner. The practitioner is simply the facilitator.

> Education! This is such a PILLAR. If we understand the "why" behind our pains, sensations, and imbalances...we will be more empowered to take a proactive step forward in our overall well-being journey.

> Practicing bodywork with clients creates short term change. LONG-LASTING change comes from balancing the body DAILY. Through self-awareness & habitual movement practices.

> From the wise words of the founder of Rolfing / Structural Integration, Ida Rolf : "Where you think it is, it ain't". The greatest shifts come from a connected, full body approach to manual therapy. Kacey's sessions are integrative and do not focus solely on the presenting discomfort. This can be a different experience than traditional massage.  

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