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Kacey Graner

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Practitioner

Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist | BS-Exercise Science

A structural bodywork private practice located in The Pines, North Carolina.

My bodywork practice is centered around the fascial system & it’s total-body system of connection. This structural bodywork combines myofascial release, active movement, breath-work and embodiment practices. My practice is for folks who (sooner or later) want to embark on the journey of structural integration!


Expect to be an active participant in your session: please wear athletic shorts, full coverage underwater, a bathing suit and an open back bra. 

working with me...
follow these steps when setting up an appointment 

Do you have the energy to work on / towards a bodywork project? Unlike traditional massage therapy, I do not set up ongoing sessions. I work in "projects".




"mini project"

We will begin our journey together with a 3-Series of Structural Integration style bodywork. 

This includes 3 sessions, scheduled 1-2 weeks apart, that address the 3 superficial lines of fascial connection in your body: superficial front line, superficial back line and lateral lines. These sessions are methodical and individual to YOUR posture and patterns. 

Once you complete this "mini project" you can continue deeper with the work (to the core fascia) in the "full project". Or you can find other modailites to assist in body maintenance (massage therapy, strength and yoga practrices, etc.)


Prep 3

"prep-work project"

My practice is for folks who (sooner or later) want to embark on the journey of structural integration.


If you have acute fascial-based issue in your tissues, we can set up 3 structural bodywork sessions, 1-2 weeks apart, to work on the fascial ties to your presenting pain pattern...these sessions will not follow the Structural Integration series format. This is prep work. 


I’m not in the game of chasing pain. After this prep-work, your body is in a better space to accept a structural integration project. I encourage you to try a mini or full SI sereies.


"full project"

In the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration model, it takes 12 sessions to unwind and re-integrate body via the layers / connections of the fascial system.


In the 3-Series, we found balance in your superficial layers of myofascial connection. There are also deeper and more functional lines of myofascial conncetion to seek balance in.


If the 3-series exposed deeper mis-alignments, discomforts or even psycho-somatic connections; I recommend continuing on with the full 12-Series of sessions.


This full "recipe" is great for those interested seeking deeper body awareness and somatic curiosity.



After 3

"tune-up project"

After completing the 3-Series, we have a lot more information about the myofascial roots to your patterns of imbalance/pain/stress (etc)...and I hope you are now feeling more energetic and aligned to YOUR center. 

I recommend waiting at least a month before requesting a "tune up" of structural bodywork. If your muscles feel sore, tight, weak...I suggest seeking out other modalities to assist with those discomforts. 


After you've given it some time, we can set up 3 sessions of structural bodywork (and possibly a little cupping for hypertonic areas trying to find their new home in your adjusted structure) to encourage balance and ease to your system

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