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Hi, I'm Kacey Graner.

I am a certified structural integrator in The Pines, NC.

I am passionate about assisting folks with understanding where their body is "stuck" and what the possibilities are when living "unstuck". 

I use manual techniques & cueing to encourage more balanced structural alignment & awareness to restriction + immobility in the body. Together we work to discover and let go of postural habits that are are causing negative sensations & compensatory movement.

My goal is to help people live life with greater ease & understanding of their body's signals (pain is usually a big one!)...and to truly feel more at home in their body!

working with me...
follow these steps when setting up an appointment 


Do you have the energy to be an active participant in your session? Structural bodywork requires you to move, breathe and lean into your body's signals.


3-series project

The best way to begin Structural Integration is to complete the first 3 sessions of the series within a few weeks of one another.

These sessions make up your outer myofascial layer. Your functional pattern holder. This layer shows compensations of your daily postural habits.

After 3, decide if you want to continue onto to the rest of the series, or do one-off maintenance sessions.


So much is held in the outer sleeve of our bodies. You will feel greater embodiment + ease in your structure after this point in the series. 


The deep myofascial layer holds older, chronic, core patterns. We get into this layer later the series.


one-off  sessions

Want to experience structural bodywork, but don't have the time, energy, or other resources available for the series?

Structural bodywork combines myofascial release, active release, breath-work and body-awareness exercises to help the body live in a more balanced space.


One-off sessions are catered to presenting discomfort in the body. We will complete a body-read to tell us about the connection between your structure and your symptoms.

If a few structural bodywork sessions do not clear up your symptoms, I recommend completing a series.


the full project

Structural Integration is a method of gradually adjusting the body's facial system over a series of sessions to restore balanced, posture and overall functioning. 

This project takes place over a series of sessions. Each session supports a fascial territory. We balance and integrate the tissues from superficial to deep.


Sessions 1-4 support the superficial myofascial lines. Sessions 5-8 support the deep myofascial line sessions.

Session 9 is catered to the spine and unique to your individual patterns.

After completing these sessions, I recommend coming in for 2 integrative sessions to observe how your structure is holding up in gravity and everyday life.

Completing the series can help bring ease, connection, and space to the body so you can operate from your center in all areas of life.  


mantinence sessions

After completing a  Series, we have a lot more information about the postural and myofascial roots of your body's held patterns.

The fascial system takes time to integrate the information we put into the body. I recommend waiting a month or so before requesting a "tune up" of structural bodywork.


If your muscles feel sore/weak...I suggest seeking out other modalities to assist with those discomforts (massage therapy, strength, yoga, pilates, PT, etc.). 


After you've let your system settle, and see where the information we've put in wants to land for now...we can find a structural bodywork rhythm that works best for YOUR system.  

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