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Glass and rubber bulb cupping cup. 


Target area: face, neck, decolletage



  • Outer glass bottom opening - 1.40"; inner diameter .80"


Suggested Use:

This cup-type is an excellent choice when self-cupping:

  • TMJ syndrome issues around the muscles of the jaw
  • SCM
  • Chest & ribs below the collar bone
  • Rib specific work
  • Forearm
  • Lymphatic drainage techniques of face, neck and chest


The Bodywork Collective supports this company because...

Lure Essentials Cups because they are easy to use & clean, and are the best quality self-cupping sets found thus far in the cupping world. 



Lure Essentials Suggests...

"The #2 size glass cupping cup (1.40”, inner diameter .80”) you will receive is perfectly sized for face, neck, chest and lymphatic drainage massage. Visibly reduce lines & wrinkles, puffiness, relieve sinus pressure, tooth pain, TMJ, headaches, improve quality of your sleep by reducing tension and stress."


Glass Cup - Lure Essentials

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